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You will now eat ALL THE TIME

Remember how it used to be “three square meals a day”?  That’s nice, but it ain’t gonna cut it. You, oh gallbladder-less one, have now joined the ranks of the grazers.  You will eat several, 5 or 6, mini-meals throughout the day, so that the bile your liver produces gets used up and doesn’t cause you agita (agita caused by your job, mother-in-law, or people who don’t walk fast enough when you’re running late is a different story).

Sample day menu:

Breakfast, 7am – cup of coffee, low-fat whole-wheat waffles with chocolate cheese spread (yes, chocolate in the morning)

Breakfast 2, 11am – 1% fat honey-flavored Greek yogurt, cup of tea

Lunch, 12.30pm – iced tea, grilled chicken salad dressed with bit of salt and olive oil (no vinegar!)

Snack, 3pm – granola bar or string cheese, cup of coffee

Dinner, 6pm – baked tilapia filet, mashed potatoes, salad, followed by cup of tea and 1 piece of dark chocolate

Snack again, 9pm – fruit of choice (apple, watermelon, cherries, etc.)

Extra fun bonus — your coworkers will start bitching, “How do you eat all the time and never gain weight?”  Unless truly pushed, try to resist responding with, “Well, I don’t eat Oreos and Cheetos swilled down by Coca-Cola, do I?”


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