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Color affects the taste of your food

Image courtesy of The Rocketeer via Flickr

We now have an explanation for why green ketchup failed.  Apparently, the color of your food actually has an effect on your perception of the taste of that food.  Or drink, which is how Coke discovered that people thought Coke in white cans tasted different than the Coke in regular red ones.  Crazy, right?  If they blindfolded you, you couldn’t tell the difference, but just looking at something that’s not what you expect changes how you think it should taste.  It’s all mind over matter people, it really is.

I suppose that’s why people want to hide vegetables in other food for their kids, so they don’t notice and turn their noses up at them. Would you participate in this experiment? I dare you to try it at your house one day. Actually, that would be a pretty neat science project for a 7th grader.  Color the same food in different ways and ask people if they can taste the difference. Boom! Now you have an idea for your science fair (as long as it’s not tomorrow, in which case, bring your cup of dirt).


One response to “Color affects the taste of your food

  1. redgladiola January 7, 2012 at 4:19 am

    Not surprising actually. I mean, would you want to eat a pile of gray mush? We associate certain colors with ripeness, spiciness, etc in nature. The funny thing is, we Americans are apparently a little dye happy with our desserts. We like to color sweets hues like florescent pink, so people who aren’t accustomed to them are a little scared off. ^_~

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