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Gallbladder surgery, Part 1

I had emergency gallbladder surgery (aka cholycystectomy) at the ripe old age of 22. No one tells recent college graduates that one day they’re fine, maybe bit of heartburn, and the next day they’re in the hospital. I had been fairly healthy up to that point, without major surgeries or illnesses beyond the flu. Looking back, some of my symptoms were probably misdiagnosed.  Constant heartburn was a sign, and not just of heartburn. My triglycerides, the part of your blood that indicates fat, were consistently higher than normal. I was about 25 lbs overweight and couldn’t lose it no matter what I did.  All of these don’t directly point to gallbladder issues, but hindsight is 20/20 and now I see that they did for me.

At first, when I got sick, I thought I had food poisoning. I had eaten at IHOP for the first time in my life, and maybe the eggs were bad.  I threw up a whole lot, and then mostly felt better. Mostly. The pain around my ribs that I thought was just from the horking didn’t go away, and in a few days, it got worse. It was at that point that I went to see the doctor, who promptly rushed me to the hospital.